INTAC would like to share some tidbits of actual letters sent to us by our clients…

Thank you Cathy! I really appreciate your help and especially your patience.

Have a great day. Brian

My Pension Consultant is Matthew. He is outstanding, extremely helpful and an asset to INTAC. Any time there are revisions, changes, tax filings and any updates regarding the plan, he notifies me right away and he explains to me in great detail. He is patient and is always a phone call away for any questions or problems that I may have regarding the plan. Thank you for having such a good employee for taking care of my plan!


Larry – Allow me to take this opportunity to add that I’m very impressed with your knowledge and your ease in communicating it, as well as your conscientious and prompt attention to our needs.


Charles – I wanted to send you this note to tell you what a great asset Jodie is for Intac. We had a payroll submission problem with a new case we enrolled. The client was initially very upset with how the new program would be operating. Jodie stepped in and spoke with the payroll provider and fixed the problem for the client. In my last call to the client, she has now changed her tone and is very pleased as to how this is now working.
I know Jodie spent many hours fixing this problem and I wanted you to know that I appreciated her work on this account.

Regards, Mark

Charles – David (K.) has been my main source of information over the years. I have nothing but sincere appreciation for his patience and dedication to his job. Any question asked is totally answered and then explained again if I said I didn’t understand. ”Awesome attitude.” He knows his stuff, understands our plan and is always able to make me feel comfortable.
Cathy has a booming but calming personality. She is also a tremendous benefit to me. She can always help, when I don’t know who in your company I need to talk to, she always points me in the right direction. Again nothing but gratitude and sincere appreciation for the work ethic and dedication to customer satisfaction.
Jodie, my latest Intac contact, great personality also. Very helpful and dedicated, she is also very passionate about your clients. I have enjoyed our talks and appreciated all her help and advice.
Danielle is my loan person, just more of the same. Don’t judge the short sentence, I’m just running out of time. You just have an awesome crew and I love working with them all.
I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and hope that you share my comments with your employees who have been so helpful and kind to me.


Mr. Rosenberg – I am sending this e-mail in commendation of Rich, our representative at INTAC. Recently, one of our employees suddenly passed away. As we are a very small company, we had lost a friend. I had many questions regarding the distribution of this employee’s portion of our Profit Share Plan. Rich was both sensitive and professional in answering all of my questions and in providing us with the necessary information to begin the process of distributing this money to the employee’s spouse, who was leaving for Thailand to be with family. We wanted to complete the distribution process prior to her trip. I know that at this time of year, Rich is very busy completing all the necessary requirements for all of his retirement plans. Despite this, he made special efforts to provide us with the calculations we needed in a very timely manner. I wish to acknowledge these efforts and offer my gratitude for all of his help.

Sincerely, Elizabeth

Josh – I just want to thank you so much – I never saw such efficient transactions so quickly. So I just wanted to thank you; the money was in my checking and I already paid out what I wanted to do.

Have a great day! Marie

Carol E. – As we have successfully completed the migration of our 401(k) savings plan, I wanted to say thank you to everyone involved. Your support and expertise contributed to a smooth transition and a great sense of teamwork. Thanks again to all involved for your help over the last few months.


Dina – Now, that’s what I’m talking about! You are my admin model! Intac should win the Admin of the Year Award. They are the best at responding and meeting the needs of their plans!

Thank you, Debbie

Josh – Thanks for your prompt help with this loan process. Way better than my old TPA!


Charles – I have been your client for many years, but I recently sold my company, and, unfortunately, will no longer require your services. I just wanted to let you know that the people who I have interacted with in your organization have always been exceptional. They’ve been extremely knowledgeable, professional and overall nice people. I commend you for maintaining such an exemplary staff. To be specific, the following people come to mind, but I am sure that I am omitting others: Cathy, Jodie, Heide, Ellen and Sue.
I wish you and your staff the best of luck in the future, and hopefully I will find opportunities to recommend your services, and, even better, to work with you again in the not-too-distant future.

Sincerely, George

Dear Mr. Rosenberg – I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that Judy has provided excellent support and guidance throughout the process. From the beginning of this year to now, Judy has carefully reviewed various aspects of my company’s 401(k) plan and provided advice and assistance in the preparation for the audit as well as in responding to issues raised by the auditor. Her efforts have been invaluable and I wanted to make sure that it was acknowledged.


I just wanted to send you a little note and tell you how helpful Jodie has been with getting an issue with a loan for one our employees figured out. She has taken so much time and has been so patient and determined to help me figure this out. I really appreciate it. It is few and far between you find someone so willing to help you all the time. Jodie is always there to help me figure out any little issue I have with the 401K and the different 401K loans some of our employees have. She is a pleasure to work with.

Thank You, Erica

Lisa – Thank you so much for all of your help on this. I really appreciate all of the work that you did to help my client and me meet the governmental deadlines. You went above and beyond.

Thank you!! Margaret

Jodie – thank you for such a quick turn-around!

Thanks, Jane

Judy – I just took a look at the client portal. I really like that everything is available there!!!

Thanks, Katie

Christina – Thanks again for all you and the entire INTAC team do for me and our clients!


Great thank you… INTAC is a great organization to work with!


Thanks Charles and Maggie – As always, job well done!


Excellent! Thanks again David (H.) and Richard for the continued fine work on my plans. It makes my future quite bright.

Kind regards, Dr. R.

Bill (V.) – You are awesome!!!! Thank you for your amazing work on the <name withheld> case. I will be looking to refer more business to INTAC for sure.


Danielle – I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for your assistance and patience while facilitating withdrawal monies out of my 401K. I am sure I may have been anxious and yes even a “pest”. Throughout you were professional and empathic. You met your commitments and exceeded my expectations. Thank you. I would be remiss not sending you a personal expression of gratitude and I hope this email brings you the emotional lift I got when I checked my account and saw the deposit.

Be well. Gregory

I work with Judy Citer, the portal and Nationwide. Your team is very thorough and informative and ensures that I make my deadlines. Your team is also always available to answer or clarify any questions I may have. Keep up the good work!

- Yvette

Thank you so much for expediting this process for us. This is a very hard situation as it is, but I appreciate INTAC’s professionalism, it is exemplary.

Warm regards, Ceil

Thanks again to everyone. I feel that you all have been able to alleviate much of the concerns that prompted us to leave <name withheld>, as the assistance from everyone at INTAC and Nationwide has been far superior!

Best, David

Charles – I wanted to take a quick minute to thank you for the opportunity to work with your office. I can honestly say it’s really bitter sweet taking on this new opportunity (with Nationwide). I’m excited to move on, but it’s hard to let go of the relationship I’ve had with your office. I want you to know out of all my years working at Nationwide and working with well over 100 different administrators, yours has been by far the best. That is a testament to the staff you have hired. Everyone cares about what they do and it’s reflected on a daily basis with my interaction with them. Dina, Jodie, Marcia, Noelle, Vijay, Sue, and Barbara are mainly who I work with and they are all GREAT people that I will miss very much.

Thank you! Scottie (Nationwide Financial)

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