Company History


“While INTAC continues to move forward technologically in today’s fast paced industry, our original grass-roots family philosophy, which INTAC was founded on, remains the same – it is the cornerstone of our company.”
- Max Rosenberg

In 1977, Intac Actuarial Services was originally founded and incorporated as Independent Actuarial Services, Inc. by Max Rosenberg, current president, in New York City.

Harry Rosenberg, Max’s brother, joined the firm in 1978 as vice president, bringing his public accounting and pension consulting experience to the company. During this time, they began building a clientele to whom they provided actuarial and pension consulting services. Some of these original clients are still with INTAC today.

Max and Harry recognized the need for specialized software to help them in the administration of the firm’s retirement plans. As one of the pioneers in the pension planning industry, Max took his unique experience as an actuary and consultant and developed the SMART Pension System. Then in 1979, INTAC introduced the SMART Pension System – a line of software developed specifically for actuaries and pension plan administrators.

In the 1980s, the brothers moved the company’s headquarters to New Jersey, eventually establishing its home in Ridgewood and officially changing the name to Intac Actuarial Services, Inc.

The move to New Jersey brought with it the demand to hire more pension consultants and support staff. By serving the needs of its pension clients and maintaining the software requirements of the pension professionals who had been using SMART, INTAC was in a unique position to identify emerging pension trends and opportunities for their clients. SMART was later acquired (in 2005) and is currently being maintained by another pension software firm. Through the remainder of the 20th century, the firm continued its steady growth and advancements.

In 1994, INTAC experienced a more aggressive growth pattern when Max’s son, Charles Rosenberg, joined the firm. Charles added not only the valuable experience of being on the client side as the former vice president of finance with a medical company, but also a sales and relationship mindset that has increased both the number of new clients and client satisfaction levels at INTAC. With Charles as the vice president of pension sales and marketing, INTAC has become a staple in the industry.

Throughout the years, INTAC has acquired multiple actuarial firms, most recently being Creative Pension Services of Long Branch, New Jersey and Pension Engineers of Huntington Beach, California. The acquisitions have enabled INTAC to provide over 2,500 coast-to-coast clients with the pension administration expertise, efficiency and personalized service for which it is known.

Since its inception, INTAC has been dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with the clients and financial advisors for whom they administer pension plans. While INTAC continues to progress technologically in today’s fast-paced industry, the original grass-roots family philosophy, which INTAC was founded on, remains the same – it is the cornerstone of the company.